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Time Limits: 3 minutes Solo, Duo, Trio; 4 minutes Groups/Lines; 12 minutes for Productions; 1:30 for Modeling. (Enforced)

Accompaniment: CD or cassette tape. Connection for iPad or iPhone is also available.



The OPEN category may include the use of props (functional, handheld, scenery) song & dance routines, comedy, magic, acting, baton, etc. 


Handheld or NON FUNCTIONAL props (hat, cane, etc) are permitted in all categories, however if the prop becomes the main focus of the routine (excessive use), judges will deduct points. If this occurs, judges decision is final. (This rule does not apply to the Open  category)


Functional props are also permitted in the Production, Pantomime, Ethnic & Acro categories.


Modeling; Small/handheld props are permitted in all categories, functional props are permitted in the Novelty/Costume category.


Other Points to Notes:
Groups (4-8 members) and Lines (9 or more) compete separately in the following categories & age divisions ONLY; tap, jazz, lyrical & hip hop ages 10-12, 13-15 and 16-19. Everything else is considered “group” regardless if it has 4 or 14 members.

Production is divided and will compete as Junior (12 and under) and Senior (13 and up). Use average age to calculate. Productions must have more than 10 members.

It is recommended that modeling contestants bring their own music for the Novelty Costume category. Time limits apply. All other modeling categories will use house music only.

Photogenic entries should be mailed along with the registration form. Be sure to mark each photo with name, age and studio to avoid confusion.

Degree of difficulty & technique are the major factors of judging criteria, with the exception of the pantomime category which is scored on lip sync and entertainment appeal.

Pointe category is for age divisions 10-12 and up only.

Gymnastics matts are recommended for the Acrobatics category.

Decimal point is dropped from averages. We do not round up age divisions.

You may enter as many categories as you wish, however competition against one’s self is not allowed. Also, you may not enter the same routine in more than one category.

Contestants may only compete in a duo, trio, group or line ONE age division lower than their own age regardless of average. (This does not apply to the Production category)

All contestants will receive a certificate of participation.

You may video/photograph routines from your studio only. Please, no flash photography.

All scoresheets, photos and certificates will be available for teachers and independents following the awards ceremony.

All judges decisions are final.

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